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At Archi FX, we specialize in creating stunning 3D graphics that bring concepts to life with unparalleled precision and realism. Utilizing advanced 3D CAD software and state-of-the-art rendering techniques, we transform your ideas into visually captivating models and animations. Our expertise spans from detailed machine and invention concept modeling to immersive visualizations for the trenchless pipelining underground infrastructure industry. Each project is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations. By providing this as a comprehensive service, we handle every aspect of the process—from initial design to final animation—ensuring a seamless and high-quality outcome that enhances your presentations, marketing materials, and project proposals. At Archi FX, our commitment to excellence and client-focused service guarantees that your vision is realized in the most dynamic and impactful way possible.
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Recent Project

Mossy CIPP Pipes

Cured in place pipe liner inside of a mossy pipe

We recently modeled 3D mossy pipes with CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) liners, focusing on realism and detail. We captured the natural growth of moss, using varied shades of green and intricate textures to make the exterior look authentic. Inside, we paid close attention to the CIPP liner’s fibrous texture and subtle imperfections, highlighting its durability and effectiveness. By using advanced 3D modeling techniques, we created a compelling visual contrast between the mossy exterior and the smooth, reinforced interior, resulting in lifelike and engaging 3D models that showcase the functionality of the pipelining solution.

3D Graphics Change Everything

Visuals Matter

We create every aspect of your business inside of a virtual world

This capability empowers you to showcase and advertise your business product line by illustrating how your products function in the real world through detailed virtual demonstrations. While photographs and videos are effective, they often fall short in revealing the internal workings of a machine or the operational intricacies of a system. With our 3D modeling and graphics services, you can provide a clear and comprehensive view of your products, highlighting their features and functionality in a way that traditional media cannot achieve. This not only enhances your marketing efforts but also gives potential customers a deeper understanding of what sets your products apart.

Use Case Example

Wheel & Tire Pesentation

Discover how we brought TruGrit Traction's wheels and tires to life with stunning 3D graphics.

Learn how we helped TruGrit Traction bring their wheels and tires to life through 3D graphics. We took their original CAD files and enhanced the drawings with 3D rendering and animation magic, creating a virtual world where any advertising needs could be met. Additionally, we designed a custom robotic crawler to serve as their mascot, resulting in completely custom professional branding that is versatile and adaptable to any format required for their business. This tailored approach not only elevated their product presentation but also provided them with dynamic and engaging marketing tools.

true grit wheels
Watch how we do it

The 3D Modeling Process

Timelapse of modeling the sectional packer shown above

Note: Be patient as this video in the background is a large video, it will load based on your connection speed. 

3D Graphics Make Your Company Look Better

Actual Product

3D Renderings

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