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Our web maintenance service at Archi FX is designed to ensure that your website operates smoothly, remains secure, and performs optimally throughout the year. We take a proactive approach to keep your site up-to-date and running without interruptions. Our team diligently updates your LAMP server environment and manages all core updates, plugins, and themes to prevent security vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility. Additionally, we implement robust spam protection measures to keep your site clean and professional. By continually monitoring and optimizing performance, we guarantee that your website maintains fast load times and peak efficiency, providing a seamless user experience. With Archi FX, you can rest assured that your online presence is in expert hands, letting you focus on growing your business without the hassle of technical upkeep.
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Web Maintenance as a service
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Maintenance is very important. It can...

Make or BREAK a website

Maintaining a WordPress Website on a LAMP Stack:

LAMP= Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL

  • Regular Software Updates:
    • Update the Linux operating system, Apache server, MySQL database, and PHP regularly to patch security vulnerabilities and improve performance.
  • WordPress Core Updates:
    • Keep WordPress updated to the latest version to benefit from security patches, new features, and performance improvements.
  • Plugin and Theme Management:
    • Regularly update all plugins and themes to close security gaps and ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version. Also, remove any unused plugins and themes to reduce potential vulnerabilities.
  • Database Optimization:
    • Perform regular checks and optimizations on your MySQL database to prevent it from becoming bloated, which can slow down website performance.
  • Backup Management:
    • Implement a robust backup strategy that includes regular and automated backups of your website files and databases. Ensure backups are stored in a secure location and are easily recoverable.
  • Security Scanning:
    • Use security plugins and tools to continuously scan your website for malware, viruses, and other security threats. Address any issues promptly.
  • Performance Monitoring:
    • Regularly monitor the website’s performance to identify and resolve any speed issues. This may include optimizing images, leveraging caching mechanisms, and using content delivery networks (CDN).
  • SSL Certificates:
    • Maintain and renew SSL certificates to ensure that your website remains secure and that data transmitted is encrypted.
  • Spam Protection:
    • Implement measures to reduce spam, such as CAPTCHAs, spam comment filters, and other security plugins to keep your site’s interactions clean and professional.
  • Error and Uptime Monitoring:
    • Use monitoring tools to check for website uptime and functionality, quickly identifying and resolving any issues such as site outages or broken links.

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