Jetters N' Drains

Animated logo spash

In this dynamic showcase, Archi FX breathes life into the Jetters N’ Drains logo by transforming it from a flat design into a vibrant 3D model. Using sophisticated CAD techniques, we sculpted the logo into a three-dimensional entity. The animation journey begins with the logo embarking on a mission inside a realistically depicted damaged pipe. As it navigates through the pipe, the logo actively participates in the repair process, demonstrating the company’s expertise in pipe maintenance and repair. This video not only highlights the technical capabilities of Jetters N’ Drains but also showcases Archi FX’s prowess in creating engaging and informative 3D animations that turn conceptual ideas into visual narratives.


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TruGrit Traction

Product explainer

Archi FX crafted a compelling 3D animation for TruGrit Traction, featuring a custom-designed sewer robotic crawler equipped with TruGrit’s specialized wheels. Using enhanced CAD models, we showcased the crawler navigating tough sewer environments, highlighting the wheels’ durability and performance. This engaging video, narrated by a professional voiceover, effectively communicates the product’s capabilities and demonstrates Archi FX’s expertise in delivering precise and informative 3D animations.

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LightRay Roadshows

Event promotion

Check out LightRay’s latest promo! We decked out a classic truck and trailer with some cool custom artwork to spread the word about their upcoming restoration road show. Watch as the truck cruises through the rain, showcasing the event details painted on the side of the trailer. When it reaches its stop, the real show begins: neon lights under the truck and trailer light up, highlighting LightRay’s expertise in glowing UV repairs. It’s not just a drive—it’s an experience, brought to life with a touch of Archi FX magic.

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How Trenchless Pipelining Works

System explainer

Ever wondered how trenchless pipelining fixes pipes without digging up your yard? We at Archi FX have put together an awesome animation that explains it all! Step by step, you’ll see how the technology works, from inspection to installation. We’ve animated the process in a clear and engaging way, showing the equipment in action and how the lining material is applied inside the old pipe. It’s like watching a surgery, but for pipes! This video is perfect for anyone curious about this no-dig solution that’s revolutionizing pipe repairs.


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LED Truck Rise

Product promotion

Check out our latest creation for Hit Signs! We’ve put together a dynamic animation where you see a van cruising down the street, and then—surprise—a massive double-sided LED sign rises right out of its roof. This isn’t just any sign; it’s designed to show off the incredible capabilities of Hit Signs’ digital LED products. Watch as the sign lights up the road, turning heads and showcasing what Hit Signs can do. It’s a mobile billboard that brings the message home: when it comes to eye-catching digital signs, Hit Signs has got it covered.


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Hit Signs

Company promotion

We’ve crafted another engaging video for Hit Signs, this time focusing on the installation of a channel letter sign on a building facade. Our animation takes you through the entire process, from the arrival of the installation team to the precise placement of each letter. Watch as each glowing character is carefully mounted, perfectly aligning to spell out the business’s name. The final result illuminates the building, showcasing Hit Signs’ expertise in transforming storefronts with their stunning signage. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at how a simple sign can make a big impact.


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LightRay Callouts

Showcase 4 systems

For LightRay, we’ve crafted an intricate animation that meticulously demonstrates four of their cutting-edge repair methodologies. The video provides a ground-level view, allowing viewers to see the precision and effectiveness of each technique up close. From UV patching to epoxy lining, each method is animated with great detail, highlighting how LightRay tackles different types of damage in various scenarios. This educational piece not only showcases the versatility of LightRay’s services but also helps potential clients understand the technology and craftsmanship behind each repair solution.


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LR3 Spot Repair

Product demonstration

Archi FX developed an informative animation featuring LightRay’s LR3 machine, designed to educate homeowners about the UV spot repair process under a house. The animation takes viewers on a visual journey beneath a home, where the LR3 machine is shown performing a spot repair with UV technology. Each step is detailed, from the initial setup to the curing of the repair, illustrating the machine’s efficiency and the durability of the repair. This video aims to demystify the repair process for homeowners, showcasing the non-invasive techniques and quick results offered by LightRay.


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The next evolution

Product demonstration

We’ve created an innovative animation for LightRay that highlights the adaptability of their newest repair system, designed for small pipes. This animation demonstrates how the system can be powered by a common 18v drill battery, showcasing its portability and ease of use. The video takes viewers through the setup and operation of the system, emphasizing how it utilizes UV technology for efficient and effective repairs. Perfect for tight spaces and quick fixes, this system proves that powerful repairs can come in small packages. Our animation helps potential users understand the practical applications of this compact, yet robust system.


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LightRay LRI Demo

System demonstration

Archi FX produced a detailed animation to highlight the capabilities of LightRay’s LRI system, a state-of-the-art solution for pipe repairs. The video visually explains the innovative features of the LRI system, focusing on its precision and effectiveness in restoring damaged pipes. Through clear, engaging graphics, we demonstrate the system’s operation from setup to completion, showcasing its efficiency in applying UV-cured liners for long-lasting repairs. This animation serves as an excellent educational tool, providing a deep dive into how the LRI system stands out in the repair industry.


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Trenchless Today Commercial

30 Second spot for TV

For Trenchless Today, we’ve created a fast-paced, 30-second animated commercial that highlights the speed and efficiency of their pipelining services. The animation zooms through a pipe’s transformation, showing the before and after results of the pipelining process. Within mere seconds, viewers can see how Trenchless Today’s methods quickly restore old, damaged pipes to like-new condition without the need for disruptive digging. This commercial is designed to capture attention quickly, delivering a powerful message about the benefits of choosing Trenchless Today for hassle-free pipe repairs.


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Pipelining Movie

Trenchless Today

In our latest project for Trenchless Today, we’ve produced a gripping video that dramatizes the process of residential sewer pipe failure and the seamless solution offered by pipelining. The video starts with a vivid depiction of a home experiencing sewer backup, setting a tense scene. As the crisis unfolds, Trenchless Today’s pipelining technology comes to the rescue, illustrated through detailed animation that shows the innovative no-dig repair of sewer laterals. This dramatic presentation not only educates homeowners on the potential hazards of sewer failures but also reassures them with the efficient and minimally invasive solutions provided by Trenchless Today.

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