Archi FX Pricing and Retainer Contract Structure

At Archi FX, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and attention to detail in every project we undertake. This commitment to excellence is why we operate exclusively under a retainer contract model, ensuring that every aspect of our work—from web development to 3D modeling and beyond—meets the highest standards of precision and integration.

Why We Choose a Retainer Model?

1. Comprehensive Branding Services:

Our projects are not mere assignments; they are holistic branding solutions. We immerse ourselves in your business, developing everything from logos and website graphics to photos and 3D visuals. This approach requires a deep understanding of your brand and your market, which cannot be rushed or superficially executed. One-off projects simply do not allow for the depth of work required to produce outcomes that not only meet but exceed expectations.

2. Exclusive Clientele:

Archi FX is a boutique firm, focusing on quality over quantity. With a deliberately small team, we maintain a limited client roster to ensure that each project receives the meticulous attention it deserves. This exclusivity is fundamental to our business model and our success, allowing us to engage deeply with each client and their unique needs.

3. Full-Spectrum Brand Management:

Engaging with Archi FX is akin to hiring an in-house branding manager. We handle all digital and tangible branding elements, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness across every medium. Whether it’s your online presence or the print materials your customers hold, every detail is crafted to enhance your brand’s impact. As part of your team, we are equipped to manage a variety of business operations tasks that arise throughout the year.

For simpler needs, whether it’s converting a .jpg to a .pdf, or designing new business cards for a new employee, we ensure quick and efficient service. For more complex requirements, such as developing a custom calculator for your website that can perform specific functions, or creating a new website focusing on a particular aspect of your business accompanied by a targeted ads campaign with a defined budget, we have the expertise and the dedication to make it happen.

Our role extends beyond typical design and development; we immerse ourselves in your industry, understanding your needs and objectives as if they were our own. This comprehensive support means that everything your business requires to operate online and in the real world is taken care of, seamlessly and with minimal need for oversight on your part. With Archi FX, your business’s public persona is meticulously crafted and maintained, ensuring you always make the best impression.

Our Commitment:

By working with us under a yearly retainer, you are not just purchasing services; you are investing in a partnership that grows with your business. Our retainer model facilitates a sustained focus on your branding needs, allowing for adjustments, updates, and refinements as your market evolves.

Choosing Archi FX means choosing a dedicated partner in building and maintaining a brand that stands out and resonates. Our retainer-based approach is designed for businesses ready to invest in long-term success through consistent, high-quality, and integrated branding solutions.

So how much do we charge?

If you are committed to elevating, sustaining, and enhancing your brand, we invite you to contact us. We would be delighted to explore how our retainer services can be tailored to the unique demands and ambitions of your business. Our retainer fees are carefully calculated based on the projected scope and complexity of each project, ensuring a bespoke solution that aligns with your strategic goals. Let’s discuss how Archi FX can contribute to your success.

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